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Próxima construcción que afectará el servicio LBT
8/14/2018 ~ 10/2018 – Redondo Ave con Anaheim sur y Anaheim con Redondo Ave oeste
Principales reparaciones de calles que afectarán las rutas 45, 46 y 131. Más información a seguir.

Possible intermittent detours & bus stop closures for Routes 111 & 112
Update: 8/2/2018: Phase I Part A & B completed.

Buses are running regular schedule until 8/14/2018 when Phase II is set to begin.

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Broadway between Alamitos Ave. and Redondo Ave.
East and West.
To be completed in 4 phases.

Routes: 111 & 112
Effective: Wednesday July 11, 2018 until TBD
Hours: Entire Span of service

The City of Long Beach has started a street improvement project along Broadway between Alamitos Ave. and Redondo Ave. Bus stops on this corridor will be affected by either having limited service or being completely closed. Possible detours as construction proceeds. Please call the City of Long Beach at 562-591-2301 for more information.

Detour: Buses will run along Ocean Blvd. between streets affected.

Phase I Part A - Completed
Scheduled start date ~ 6/11/18
Westbound between Alamitos Ave. / Gaviota Ave.
Complete lane closure of Westbound traffic

Phase I Part B - Completed
Scheduled start date ~ 7/11/18
Eastbound between Alamitos Ave. / Gaviota Ave
Complete lane closure of Eastbound traffic

Phase II Part A
Westbound between Gaviota Ave. / Junipero Ave.
Lane Closure Start Date 08/14/2018

Phase II Part B
Scheduled start date ~ TBD (will update)
Eastbound between Gaviota Ave / Junipero Ave.
Lane Closure TBD

Phase III Part A
Scheduled start date ~ TBD (will update)
Westbound between Junipero Ave. / Redondo Ave.
Lane closure TBD

Phase III Part B
Schedule start date ~ TBD
Eastbound between Junipero Ave. / Redondo Ave.
Lane closure T